Global Shabbat Party

Pre-Shabbat Celebration

Welcome to the Party!

Social isolation is challenging for all children and families, but it is especially difficult for children with special needs. Parents report that the impact of COVID-19 has been devastating to their children, and their challenges are greatly exacerbated by social isolation and disruption to their daily routine. It is crucial for families to feel a virtual embrace during this challenging time.

Enter the Global Shabbat Party

Broadcast on Thursday, June 11, the virtual party will connect families through a common purpose and observance, and help them feel that they are indeed part of a greater community. The 91 Friendship Circle locations and each of their partner networks will be joining the event and we anticipate tens-of-thousands of families will join from across the country and around the world.

The party will include fun, interactive experiences such as singing, storytelling, lighting Shabbat candles, celebrity appearances and games.

About Friendship Circle

Friendship Circle is the world’s largest Jewish organization providing programs and services for individuals with special needs and those facing isolation. Through innovative programming, Friendship Circle aims to promote an inclusive community that values the soul of all individuals, regardless of the challenges they face.

Today, 91 Friendship Circles around the world support thousands of individuals and their families with the assistance of thousands of dedicated teen volunteers. Many of Friendship Circle’s programs are non-sectarian and open to the entire community, including the flagship LifeTown center.

Friendship Circle Responds to COVID-19

Friendship Circle responded to the needs of our community by immediately pivoting to virtual platforms for service delivery, while maintaining a personal touch. Just a few examples include using web-based platforms to offer interactive programs, which include social groups and all-day live programming, such as cooking classes, music, story time, yoga, and art programs.

Additionally, we expanded and adapted our flagship Friends@Home program, where teen volunteers connect weekly with children through FaceTime, texts, WhatsApp and other platforms, among several other weekly or daily programs and services.

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